Saturday, 1 October 2016


Fairy lights can make the dullest of rooms beautiful and pleasing. My spare room was well  dull and not used, so I decided to make it aesthetically pleasing in whatever way I could. In order to do so I had to make do with whatever was available to me. This table stand had an antique look to it which I really like so I decided to use it next to the spare bed. 

Some flowers ( I have used plastic ones but you could use actual ones) , a candle, a good book, some comfy soft pillows, and of course fairy lights is enough to make any old room, yours. You do not need to buy expensive things or go way out of your way to decorate. Small unused items lying here and there in your house if put together can actually make a great difference. I enjoyed turning this empty space into my own comfy, cosy place. Don't compare your room with other peoples' room. Your room reflects your personality so decorate the way you like and enjoy doing it.

Until I see you next time, Bye. :)


  1. Gorgeous photos and I agree, fairy lights make rooms look so much cuter!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. hi Aleeha,
      I know right. I'm crazy about fairy lights. Thanks for commenting love. xx