Tuesday, 20 September 2016



Who doesn't like a chilled evening to oneself but often I do across people who think they are relaxing but they aren't really and get worked up even more.Not claiming to be an expert but I'd say get away from your source of stress, wear your comfy clothes, and sit back and enjoy the evening with beverages, or  some books, movie some soft music etc. Basically anything that makes you happy and feel as rejuvenated as possible.Usually when I have a stressful day and I look forward to unwinding it's my hot cup of green tea, probably some snacks and oh yes my favourite Youtube channels that come to my rescue.

I'll sometimes draw my curtains for a dark set up and I'll light a candle only because it makes me feel peaceful and calmer.

 And of course my comfy pyjamas that make me feel like I am floating away.
 I am actually wearing them right now while typing this blog post.

Basically your chilling hub could be your room or a cafe, whatever you like. It's your evening make the most of it and spend it the way you like.Until I see you next time, bye. :)


  1. beginning of relaxed time ahead

  2. Comfy pyjamas are a must have, especially when it gets super cold here in the UK!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I know right. It's cold during the monsoons here otherwise it's really hot.!!